- Who can be an Organ Donor?

Everyone with each age after death can be an organ or a tissue donor. The health of donor and the medical conditions at death time is the most important factor that determinant the viability of the donors' organs.

- Does my decision about organ donation influence the medical care in the accident?

No, the organ donation, not only doesn’t influence the medical care for patient survival, but also, organ donates just if patients' familyConsent and Medical Specialists of Ministry of Health confirm brain death. For more confidence let remind you that the treatment doctor, the team that confirms brain death, the team which remove members and transplantation team are completely different and each of these teams works separately.

- Which member and tissue can be donated?

Members that can be donated: Lung, Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Pancreas,Intestine.

Tissue that can be donated: Cornea, Bone, Cartilage, Heart valves, Skin, Tendon, Ligament.

- How do recipient will be selected to receive the organs?

Choosing the most appropriate recipient is based on scientific standard, adaptation of tissue and medical situation of recipient.

- Is there any financial connection between donors' family and the recipient?

No,the donors' family will not be paid, and recipients' family does not charge for organ which transplanted to them?