We need family consent for tissue retrieval from non heart beating donor  and brain death documentation for organ and tissue donation according to legislation of our country

Donor Selection protocol

After cardiac death the potential donor will be assessed by tissue procurement coordinator (a trained medical

doctor). The major exclusion criteria are:

• Any communicable disease

• Systemic infection or sepsis

• Malignancy (Except for primary CNS tumors)

• Previous use of human pituitary extracts and xenografts

• Past or present nonmedical IV drug abuse

• Clinical or laboratory evidence of HIV, Hepatitis B or C infection

• Suspicious sexual history, recent prisoning and tattooing

• Long term corticosteroid therapy

• Connective tissue disorders

• Unknown cause of death

• History of long term immobility

• History of osteomylitis/TB in the donated bone

• History of heavy metal intoxication

• Metal in situ.