Iranian Tissue Bank (I.T.B) is the first and unique multi-facility tissue bank in country. I.T.B started its activity in 1994 with preparing of homograft heart valves. Then we expanded our activities and now I.T.B is a multi tissue bank. From 1994 to 2006 we have procured more than 2700 tissues from Cadaveric donors.

The state-of-the-art technology and highly trained staff enable us to provide the widest range of tissue grafts available. Also I.T.B is an organ procurement organization that procures multi organs for transplantation. After donation legislation approval in 2000, we obtain informed consent from all of the donors (Donor Card) or their next of kin.

I.T.B adheres to strict policies and procedures that were written according to guidelines and standards of EATB, AATB & FDA.

All of the tissues are procured under aseptic conditions. Tissue processing is performed in our clean room facilities located in Imam Khomeini Hospital. The activity protocol and its special accessories are used in our clean room to make a class 10000 or better operating room and class 100 for tissue processing.

Recovery Procedures

I.T.B procures tissue aseptically and processes it by strict adherence to surgical principles and clean room

protocols. Following tissue recovery, the technologists reconstruct the donor to allow for normal funeral arrangements.

Reconstruction will be done by using prosthesis and pads in donor site.

Processing Methods

All allograft tissues are delivered to I.T.B’s clean room facilities in a nutrient medium after recovery. The tissue is processed as soon as possible under clean condition of class 100 laminar flow hood in the class 10/000 clean room. A tissue technician cleans the bone from excess soft tissues and then removes the bone marrow with multiple washing and suctioning. After complete cleaning the tissue is cut into appropriate shapes and each piece packed separately. Multiple samples are taken from bone, attached soft tissues, bone surface swabbing and washing fluid for microbial cultures.

The processed tissue is transferred to ultra low temperature freezer (at –80˚c) for later sterilization.To minimize cell damage and promote normal function we use cryoprotectant and controlled rate freezing machine with specific protocol for cardiovascular, osteoarticular and soft tissues. We also use leophylization( freeze-drying)procedure for some musculoskeletal tissues. This procedure can increase tissue’s shelf life