Iranian Tissue Bank (I.T.B) is the first and unique multi-facility tissue bank in country. I.T.B started its activity in 1994 with preparing of homograft heart valves. Then we expanded our activities and now I.T.B is a multi tissue bank. From 1994 to 2006 we have procured more than 2700 tissues from Cadaveric donors.
The state-of-the-art technology and highly trained staff enable us to provide the widest range of tissue grafts available. Also I.T.B is an organ procurement organization that procures multi organs for transplantation. After donation legislation approval in 2000, we obtain informed consent from all of the donors (Donor Card) or their next of kin. I.T.B adheres to strict policies and procedures that were written according to guidelines and standards of EATB, AATB & FDA. All of the tissues are procured under aseptic conditions. Tissue processing is performed in our clean room facilities located in Imam Khomeini Hospital. The activity protocol and its special accessories are used in our clean room to make a class 10000 or better operating room and class 100 for tissue processing.An Allograft is a tissue that is removed from a human donor which means the donor material comes from a member of the same species, but the donor is not genetically identical to the recipient. Over 1,000,000 al¬lografts are implanted each year. The use of musculoskeletal allograft tissue in reconstructive orthopedic surgeries has markedly increased over the last decade. Because of inadequate amounts of autograft and the limited size and shape of a person’s own bone, allograft is commonly used in reconstructive surgery of the hip, knee and long bones, as well as in cases of bone loss due to trauma or tumors. Using allograft tissue from another person can eliminate the need for a second operative site to remove autograft bone or tendon, reduce the risk of infection at a separate surgical site, and safeguard against pain and loss of function at or near the secondary site. Because of tissue processing, cells responsible for tissue rejection are removed or inactivated so after surgery, there is no need for immunosuppressive therapy.




1- Organizing transplantation of organs and Tissues by:

a) Improving preservation quality and increasing tissue and organ harvesting from brain dead patients
b) Increasing cadaver organ and tissue retrieval

2- Organizing procurement and implementing processes for newer productions based on the needs of the country for:

a) Promotion of health, longevity and quality of life of patients
b) Development of such new projects in ITB




The Iranian Tissue Bank and Research Center strives to provide the needed tissues and organs in the country from brain dead patients and implement processes for newer productions to offer the donated organs and tissues to patients without any hassle and prevent further disability and burden.

It also strives to promote research and knowledge production to achieve a descent position in the country and in the region.

It also tries to help the University financially by the generated added value and acquire the leading role for relevant projects and diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in the institution.

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