Personal Details

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Professional Details

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Academic Degree: Speciality:
Exprience in transplant coordination:
  • None
  • <1 year
  • 1-2 year
  • 2-4 years
  • >4 years

Wich course/module you wish to apply for:

online training programs:
  •    1- Intriductory training course in transplantaion coordination
  •    2- Advance traning course in transplantation coordination
  •    3- Short professional coordination in brain death donor
Offline training programs:
  • Workshop:
    •    1- Principal of coordination in brain death donor
    •    2- Procurement transplant coordination
    •    3- Clinical procurement nurse
  • Virtual module:
    •    1- General transplant coordination

Please provide the following document:

1- Reference letter from your head/manager
2- Passport/ID cart copy
3- CV
4- Certificate of present job as transplant coordinator/tissue banking
5- Certificate of experience as a transplant coordinator/tissue banking
6- Free payment

Declaration by applicant:

I do hereby declare that th information profided by me is true and i attached all required document.

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